Snatched: Trapped by a Woman to Be Sold to Men (Paperback)

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Groomed and procured by a woman, raped by several men and labelled 'one of the most abused girl in Rotherham', now Elizabeth Harper is fighting for answers as to why so many people paid to protect our children simply turned a blind eye.

Aged just 15, lonely and bullied by her peers, Elizabeth 'El' Harper felt like an outcast. But then a chance encounter in the street with a friendly woman suddenly brought hope to her world. A friendship between El and this benevolent stranger blossomed, and life began to feel worth living again.

As the months passed, El grew more and more distant from her family. One day, she didn't return home to her parents at all ...

Snatched is the shocking true story of how a young girl was taken from the streets and groomed into Britain's biggest sex-trafficking ring, all at the hands of a woman.

It is also an inspiring account of how trauma can turn vulnerability to strength in the most extraordinary of ways.

About the Author

Elizabeth Harper is a CSE survivor and whistleblower on the Rotherham grooming scandal - the biggest this country has ever seen. Today, she not only works alongside social workers, youth workers and politicians to help prevent child sexual exploitation, but helps those who have had their lives blighted by it. She is a public speaker and volunteer worker offering one-to-ones with at-risk children and children in care. In 2016, she set up a project that trained big business in Rotherham how to spot the signs of CSE. The project, the first of its kind, was funded by the Police Crime Commissioner. It was attended by businesses such as Costa, KFC and McDonald's - all the places where vulnerable teens might congregate.
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ISBN: 9780008503215
ISBN-10: 0008503214
Publisher: Harper Element
Publication Date: September 20th, 2022
Language: English