Slay The Dragon (Paperback)

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Detectives Joi Sommers and her partner Russell Wilkerson speed to the Ingalls Hospital ER and are disgusted to find the strangled body of Tamiko Triplett, preteen lying on the gurney, the tattoo of a dragon, and a pimp's initials on her inner thigh. What kind of monster would ravage and discard the fragile beauty with exotic eyes like debris? Enraged, the detectives commit to bringing her murderer to justice, on or off the clock. This quest leads the pair into the dark world of sex trafficking flourishing clandestinely in the surrounding south suburban enclaves. Consumed with this case, the recently widowed Russell relapses into alcohol addiction and while struggling to conceal his drinking from his partner and family, his reckless neglect leaves those he loves most vulnerable to dangers lurking unobserved and undetected.

Slay the Dragon approaches both teh secret world of sex trafficking of minors as well as a story line that deals with parents who leave their children unattended and unmonitored on the Internet leaving them prey to persons who represent themselves as youngsters but are actually adults grooming children for ilicit sexual acts.

This book contains Book Club Questions as well as a Resource List for those interested in helping victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780982712528
ISBN-10: 0982712529
Publisher: Sunrise Consulting
Publication Date: August 15th, 2021
Pages: 284
Language: English