The River Guide (Paperback)

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Henry Morrison works as a fly-fishing guide on a river in Northern Michigan where he first learned to cast a line sixty years earlier. His life should be settled, surrounded by family and friends, but nothing turned out as planned. Bitter and angry, Henry is struggling with the bottle. He's consumed by grief arising from tragedy and haunted by memories of a past love. The Vietnam veteran is practically a recluse, emerging from his home only to purchase necessities and to guide his many clients.

Mike Johnson is moving from California to Michigan, uprooting his family as he advances his career. His teenage son, Jake, is sullen and unhappy with the prospect of being separated from his friends. As a fly-fisherman, Mike taught his son the sport, and it had always been a wonderful bonding experience. He hopes a brief trip to do some fly-fishing might ease the strain in their relationship, but that isn't his only motive. Mike is on a mission, and Henry plays an integral role in its outcome.

During Fourth-of-July weekend, Henry is hired to conduct an evening float-trip for the father and son from California. He soon discovers that he has a past association with his older client. Henry has no recollection of the man, and Mike won't reveal his secrets until they're all together, alone on the river. Throughout the evening and the two days that follow, Henry is introduced to a series of strange, some could say miraculous events that might have the power to change both of their lives.

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ISBN: 9781647194123
ISBN-10: 1647194121
Publication Date: March 25th, 2021
Pages: 398
Language: English