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Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School (Paperback)

Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School Cover Image
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Prepare students for high school math by playing with positive and negative integers, number properties, mixed operations, algebraic functions, coordinate geometry, and more. Prealgebra & Geometry features 41 kid-tested games, offering a variety of challenges for students in 4-9th grades and beyond.

A true understanding of mathematics requires more than the ability to memorize procedures. This book helps your children learn to think mathematically, giving them a strong foundation for future learning.

Chapters include:

  • Number Properties: Master factors, multiples, prime numbers, and logical deduction.
  • Integers: Explore the workings of positive and negative numbers.
  • Operations and Functions: Stretch your mental muscles with games that require algebraic thinking.
  • Geometry: Play around with area, perimeter, coordinate graphing, and more.

Math games pump up mental muscle, reduce the fear of failure, and generate a positive attitude toward mathematics. Through playful interaction, games strengthen a child's intuitive understanding of numbers and build problem-solving strategies. Mastering a math game can be hard work, but kids do it willingly because it is fun.

So what are you waiting for? Clear off a table, grab a deck of cards, and let's play some math

Product Details
ISBN: 9781892083463
ISBN-10: 1892083469
Publisher: Tabletop Academy Press
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2021
Pages: 254
Language: English