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Mystagogus - The Deck Book, is the companion book to the Mystagogus Deck by magical adept Josephine McCarthy. It is available as a hardback edition, paperback, and Ebook.

The 78 card deck is magically designed and painted to act as a guide, advisor, and source of divination to someone who is walking a magical path alone. It is not based around any tarot system, but is a unique contacted magical tool patterned and painted by adept magician and teacher Josephine McCarthy. It is also magically designed in a such a way that if you do not have access to the deck itself, you can work with the book, and with a set of blank cards with the image names written on the cards.

Mystagogus the Deck Book is more than a simple 'card meaning reference book' - it holds within it different layers of magical and mystical learning, along with tips and hints embedded within some of the card meanings that guide a lone magician, for example when they hit bumps in the road or face difficult spirits.

The Mystagogus Deck is designed around a magical pattern of evolution and has embedded within it the stages of development that are inherent to any magical path that seeks greater union with the deeper self and with the hidden inner worlds that flow through and around the physical world.

Mystagogus offers a clear concise voice of divination without obscure unnecessary glamour or dressing - it is a no nonsense voice of power that cuts to the heart of divination and doesn't pull any punches. It is layered so that both mundane and magical voices can flow through it - sometimes we need to speak to a deep inner contact, and sometimes we need to find our missing cat. Mystagogus is designed with both in mind, as they are all part of the weave of fate.

The deck book is also littered with highly relevant references, quotes and information from various religions, philosophy, and science as a way of broadening out the understanding of the magical mind, while also occasionally giving the reader a peek into ancient and classical dynamics in magic in subtle understated ways.

The Mystagogus deck is available for purchase on the website of Quareia Publishing ( along with a free ebook or PDF download, and in spring the deck will also be available through in the USA. The book will also be available for free download on

About the Author

Josephine McCarthy is one of the world's leading magical adepts, and is an author of over thirty books on magical practice and training. She is the author and director of Quareia, a comprehensive and in-depth magical training course which is available free online.

Josephine has been practicing magic since the 1970's and has been teaching since the early 1990's with students all around the world. Her works on magical exorcism, magical health maintenance, magical technique and training, nature magic, and the magical narratives of Egyptian Funerary texts have quickly become classics. Josephine lives in the UK with her husband and magical artist, Stuart Littlejohn.

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Publication Date: December 12th, 2022
Pages: 258
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