What was Beautiful and Good (Paperback)

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"You HAVE to know this 'century woman' from Switzerland." -BLICK.ch

"Wonderfully written. The book gives new zest for life, a lot of hope and strength in this new 'war time, ' where old men are once again trying to destroy the world. Almost like 120 years ago." -PBW Klemann, author

A biographical novel about Emmy Ball Hennings and the beginnings of the Dada movement.

In the midst of chaos and destruction, a young singer fights to find her voice. "What was Beautiful and Good" is an enthralling novel based on a true story, weaving together history, art, and a tale of resilience.

Emmy Hennings, a free-spirited artist, revels in the beauty and excitement of Europe's most captivating cities. But when the First World War shatters her world, Emmy's life takes an unexpected tum. Unable to perform and separated from her friends who are drafted into the military, she finds herself imprisoned for trivial offenses and branded unpatriotic.

As despair threatens to consume her, Emmy's fate takes a hopeful twist when a young man named Hugo Ball proposes an escape to Switzerland. In this sanctuary of peace, they discover a vibrant community, but surviving as a refugee comes with its own challenges.

Driven to find purpose amidst the chaos, this remarkable novel transports readers to a turbulent era where art becomes a beacon of hope, defying the darkness of war and igniting a global artistic revolution named "Dada" that will remind generations to come of the true meaning behind what is beautiful and good.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781916964334
ISBN-10: 1916964338
Publisher: Jill Blocker
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2023
Pages: 312
Language: English