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The Homeschool Handbook for Mom's: The Book of Essential Homeschool Templates (Paperback)

The Homeschool Handbook for Mom's: The Book of Essential Homeschool Templates Cover Image
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The Homeschool Handbook for Mom's is the essential resource to provide Mom's the information, tools and resources to help remain well organized as a homeschooling parent.

Designed to integrate all of the important homeschooling templates and guiding information, The Homeschool Handbook provides the important and helpful example templates for homeschooling all into one handy resource. The handbook will provide guidance for you to structure and forward plan all of your lessons, record assignments, record important yearly dates, goals, attendance data and track your child's progress.

The planner provides handy examples of how to develop the essential templates yourself to ensure the experience for your homeschooling runs efficiently and effectively.

Suitable for all homeschool situations and planning preferences, this homeschool handbook will help you manage your home classroom across the following areas:

- Establishing 12 month Personal and Homeschooling Goals.

- How to Develop Your Tailored Weekly Timetable.

- Provide information and a Handy Template for lesson development and tracking.

- 12-month Daily Attendance Log Template Example.

- Weekly Tracker Example template to review your progress.

- Important Monthly Dates Example template to record dates, assignments and tasks.

- Major Assignment Example Template including details, comments and the final grade.

- Example Report Template to record details for each subject, comments and grading.

- Website and Resources template.

- Free Downloadable Homeschool Timetable

Design your homeschool environment to meet your day, week and month and remain organized with planning your lessons for your child's education.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781922485083
ISBN-10: 192248508X
Publisher: Life Graduate Publishing Group
Publication Date: August 27th, 2020
Pages: 52
Language: English