Fancy Dancer and the Seven Drums (Paperback)

Fancy Dancer and the Seven Drums By John Roskelley Cover Image
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A nine-year-old Nez Perce Fancy Shawl pow wow dancer, Beth Louie, is killed on the reservation by a hit-and-run drunk driver while walking home from the bus stop with her younger brother. Tire marks and boot tracks on the remote gravel road suggest to a Colville tribal member Ben Moses and his grandson, Alex, who find the two children, that the driver of a pick-up truck tampered with the scene and evidence, and hid the body. Tribal law enforcement and the FBI are stymied, but evidence points to a white cattle rancher from Omak as the prime suspect. In the prejudicial environment of the 1950s, will an all-white Spokane jury convict and send the killer to jail?
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ISBN: 9781955690461
ISBN-10: 1955690464
Publisher: Reverie Publishing
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2023
Pages: 420
Language: English